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Benefits of studying prelaw at Charleston Southern

By Brycelyn Fisher | February 29, 2024

At Charleston Southern University, there are unique opportunities for students who aspire to work in the legal field. While it is true that law schools are likely to accept students from a variety of different undergraduate degree majors, a prelaw major gives students the direct tools and knowledge needed for a law school’s competitive environment and heavy workload. 

The prelaw program helps students prepare for the various obstacles they face when trying to get into the legal field such as LSAT preparation. The prelaw major that is offered at Charleston Southern is designed to portray the types of assignments and paperwork that many law students will need to be familiar with. This is an incredible opportunity for students to be introduced to the high pace workload that they will encounter once they are accepted to a law school. 

While many colleges do not offer this major because it is much harder and not essentially necessary to get into a major law school, Charleston Southern is the only school in Charleston that does offer this major in efforts to better prepare students for success once they have completed their degree. 

The prelaw major is arguably one of the hardest majors to complete, and even harder to excel in. The staff and leadership at Charleston Southern goes the extra mile to help students achieve their goals and be more successful than the average law student. This major introduces a variety of Criminal Law, Business Law, Workplace Writing, and Political Science courses. Students have an opportunity to develop a solid foundation in their study of the law as an undergraduate and to get a head start when they apply to law schools. 

The courses that are required for this degree give students basic knowledge in the areas of the law and legal system, critical thinking skills, and effective communication tactics. All these are essential for future success in law school.

One thing that is unique about this major is the opportunity to study core classes that are beneficial to many different majors. It is not confined to a single field of study, because the law takes into account many aspects of the humanities, social sciences, and more that one must be familiar with. Being educated in a variety of fields of studies is one of the best ways to be prepared for law school. Law school can be competitive and harsh, but having the tools necessary to succeed is the best way to show up prepared and confident for what is next. 

As a current prelaw major, one of my biggest concerns is being unprepared for law school. However, Charleston Southern not only gives basic knowledge that is required to be accepted into law school but also delivers an in-depth experience of the specific areas of interest that law schools will take into consideration. 

Christi Gramling is the director of the prelaw program at Charleston Southern University. She is a previous attorney and is extremely educated in all areas of the American Law System. She is highly driven to see students reach their goals and makes herself available to the students as often as she can. Gramling is an assistant professor of political science, and she cares deeply about her students’ success. She is a great resource to prelaw students as she will do everything she can to help students on their journeys to their desired career paths.

While you are considering your options for an undergraduate degree, Charleston Southern is a great choice especially if you are considering law school and want a degree that will give you a head start on your next journey. Charleston Southern has a unique opportunity for aspiring law students, as well as a dedicated and supportive staff and teaching atmosphere. The prelaw program demonstrates the basic goals of the university, to create an encouraging and positive learning experience with a strong foundation in Christian leadership. If you want to go to law school one day, Charleston Southern is one of the best programs in South Carolina for you to choose! 

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