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Lead with a helping hand

By Maggie Reynolds | November 16, 2022

Everybody needs a helping hand. Leaders can help individuals by leading them in the right direction. Here are four reasons why leaders should lend a hand.

It Boosts Production

When employees believe they are set up for success, they are inspired to be more productive. Lending a helping hand where needed will inspire others to take initiative. When a team takes the time to work together, production will increase.

Using team activities to encourage productivity is a great way to realize productivity gains through teamwork. These actions should improve a specific area in which some team members may be lacking.

Identify both the strengths and weaknesses within each team. When defects are discovered, leading with a helping hand is essential.

Facilitating opportunities to develop strong interpersonal relationships is vital to productive leadership. These relationships can produce trust, which is a crucial trait for an effective team. Constructive leadership is the key to boosting production.


Loyalty is directly related to how employees see the leader. When employees identify a trustworthy leader, they become loyal. Leading with a helping hand is essential for commitment. Trust is difficult to build and easy to lose. You have to be consistent and fair.

A great way to practice building trust is through schooling. A Master of Arts in organizational leadership helps students build leadership confidence. Charleston Southern University’s organizational leadership program equips students with the skills to lead with a helping hand.

Emphasize Collaboration

Helping others is an excellent way for leaders to emphasize collaboration. One of the best ways to do this is to work hands-on with them on a new task until they get it. Leaders who emphasize collaboration ensure things are done promptly.

Improve Attitudes

A work environment filled with optimistic behavior creates a positive experience for employees. The way to lead with a helping hand starts with the attitude of the person offering assistance.

Effective communication is directly correlated to the attitudes employees have. Regular and open communication develops an environment where employees understand their voices are heard. This, in turn, leads to more positive attitudes.


These are four reasons why leaders should give a helping hand. Leadership is the key to boosting production. When they help others, more gets done. When the team takes the time to work together, production increases. When employees can identify the leader as someone who is steadfast and builds loyalty, it improves their attitudes.

About the Author: Maggie Reynolds is a student-athlete on the women’s soccer team at Charleston Southern University where she is pursuing her Master of Business Administration. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in international business from Houston Baptist University.


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