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CSU Chapel: From not good enough to accepted

By CSU Media | September 18, 2019
Dhati Lewis speaks at Charleston Southern University Chapel

God used the lack of a football scholarship to a Division I school to bring the Rev. Dhati Lewis to Himself.

Lewis, the son of a professional football player, dreamed of going pro also. When he didn’t receive a scholarship to play ball, he went into a tailspin and began studying world religions. But nothing could fill the emptiness in the kid who described his upbringing as “a hood family with money.”

Eventually he was introduced to Christianity. “Christianity said, you’re not good enough, and that spoke to me,” he said. “The gospel changes people, and God uses people to change the world.”

Lewis said the good news of the gospel is that God solved the problem created in Genesis when man violated relationship with God. Righteousness is asking the question, “God – are we good?” Lewis said what we do with that question forms theology.

Romans chapters one through three says the real question is how can a holy, sinless God accept sinful people into His presence. Lewis said, “Our best is not good enough. God hates sin, but God loves us. How does He allow sinful people into His presence? He sent Christ.”

He said, “Surrender your life to Christ, and let Him do the work in you.”

Lewis is the lead pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and is vice president of Send Network with the North American Mission Board. For more information about Send, visit

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