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ESOL courses starting summer 2022

By Catalina Duran Ballen | June 22, 2022

English to Speakers of Other Languages, or ESOL, is at a huge demand due to the changing population in the Low country. Dr. Julie Fernandez, dean of the College of Education, explains this growing need. 

“More and more schools are working with students whose primary language is not English,” said Fernandez. She said it was, “the biggest demand from area districts when I met with them last year.” 

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Dr. Tammy Harosky, associate professor of education, said, “this certification will also prepare the mainstreamed classroom teacher working with the influx of refugees coming into the area.” 

One does not need to be enrolled at CSU to participate in this ESOL endorsement.

“This is a non-degree seeking endorsement for teachers who already have a bachelor’s degree and teaching certification,” said Fernandez.  

Participants of the coursework can expect to learn teaching strategies to help their students further enhance their English.

“These courses cover the specific needs and teaching strategies necessary to help non or limited English speakers to learn to speak, read and write in English,” said Fernandez. She also added that “ESOL does not teach students in their native language but helps them to improve their English speaking, reading and writing skills so they can be proficient.”

The cost of the courses is covered per credit hour. The endorsement is seven credit hours at $450 per hour.

Having more teachers in our districts who will be ESOL-certified will make an impacting difference.

“These teachers will have ESOL students assigned to their classes, and the teachers will have the knowledge and skills to meet their students’ needs in terms of providing learning opportunities that will lead to success,” said Fernandez. She said, “there are very few teachers in the Low country that have this certification.”

CSU is the only university in South Carolina offering this opportunity. 

Courses begin Summer 2022. Apply to CSU graduate programs as a non-degree seeking student. 

Catalina Duran Ballen is a junior communication studies major at Charleston Southern University and is an intern in the Marketing & Communication office.

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