Jon Davis

Jonathan Davis

Associate Vice President for Spiritual Life

Equipping leaders with a biblical worldview

Visionary leaders established the Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership at Charleston Southern University in 2013 to equip individuals for leadership and service in diverse vocations including the church, business, government, education, medicine and law. The biblical worldview rests at the foundation of the center, which utilizes four institutes to fulfill its mission and vision.


The Biblical Worldview Institute seeks to demonstrate the truth and relevance of the biblical worldview for today. University leaders plan and coordinate events for students, faculty, staff and the local community. Along with promoting the biblical worldview, events serve to build relationships, encourage collaboration, share knowledge and identify innovative practices.

The Faith and Learning Institute serves as a resource for faith and learning excellence. The institute is guided by a faith integration approach which affirms the following principles for dialogue at the boundaries between faith and diverse academic disciplines: 1) the Bible provides the lens for understanding truth, 2) there is a unity between the Christian faith and knowledge and 3) Christian educators must seek to bring together the many parts into one whole.

Because of its proximity to the Charleston regional business community, the WCCL is uniquely positioned to serve as a resource for Christian leaders called to marketplace ministry. The Marketplace Ministry Institute promotes, supports and hosts events throughout the year that provide opportunities for collaboration and leadership development among marketplace leaders.

While the Leadership Institute provides leadership training for diverse groups, it is especially committed to developing student leaders. The Leadership Institute offers a three semester certificate program, the Christian Leadership Institute, that prepares students to be leaders with Christian character in their vocation. The first two semesters consist of eight learning sessions in which mentors share the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for effective leadership. A third semester consists of an internship that offers practical experience.

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