Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant

Vice President for Strategic Planning, Faith Integration and Christian Leadership

Equipping leaders with a biblical worldview

Visionary leaders established the Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership at Charleston Southern University in 2013 to equip individuals for leadership and service in diverse vocations including the church, business, government, education, medicine and law. The biblical worldview rests at the foundation of the center, which utilizes four institutes to fulfill its mission and vision.

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The Biblical Worldview Institute seeks to demonstrate the truth and relevance of the biblical worldview for today. Institute leaders sponsor events, provide resources and encourage collaboration to strengthen believers’ understanding and practice of the biblical worldview.


Alexandra DeSanctis Marr, “Surrender is Not an Option: Understanding the Abortion Debate” – 10/19/21

Dr. Carl Trueman, “The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self” – 2/5/21

The Faith and Learning Institute serves as a resource for faith and learning excellence. The institute is guided by a faith integration approach which affirms the following principles for dialogue at the boundaries between faith and diverse academic disciplines: 1) the Bible provides the lens for understanding truth, 2) there is a unity between the Christian faith and knowledge and 3) Christian educators must seek to bring together the many parts into one whole.

The Marketplace Ministry Institute serves as a resource and support system for marketplace ministry efforts and organizations seeking to impact the local marketplace and its leaders for Christ. The institute is closely aligned with the work of the College of Business.


LifeWorks Breakfast with Chris Holdorf, Director of Global Water Center (Water Mission) – 5/13/21

His Way at Work Global CEO, Christ Patton – 4/8/21

CSU Chapel with Peter Freissle – 3/24/21

LifeWorks Breakfast with Kelvin Cochran – 2/18/21

CSU Chapel with Michael Blue – 1/27/21

Stewarding Influence and Technology – 6/17/20

The Leadership Institute provides leadership training from a biblical perspective for diverse groups including students, faculty, staff and the community. An important goal of the institute is to prepare servant leaders who live lives of significance, serving the Lord and people.

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