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The College of Christian Studies exists to equip students to think and live as Christian disciples in their unique calling. Learning to think and live as a Christian disciple includes saturating oneself in Scripture, reflecting deeply about personal existence and vocation, living in community with other believers in a local church setting, critically examining non-Christian worldviews, serving others in need and proclaiming the gospel to all people.

Our mission? We exist to prepare Christian disciples who faithfully serve Christ and his church.

Our vision? To be recognized for preparing Christian disciples with the knowledge, skills, virtues and attitudes necessary for serving Christ and his church. The College of Christian Studies will model a sincere commitment to promoting the gospel and preserving biblical truth.

The College of Christian Studies consists of four undergraduate degree programs; one has five emphases.

Charleston Southern University’s accreditation can be found here.

Ministry Opportunities

The College of Christian Studies is committed to serving local churches. Our faculty members provide interim service, pulpit supply, short-term book studies and small group training sessions for those who teach the Bible on a regular basis (e.g., Sunday School teachers). Please contact us if we can serve you. Phone: 843-863-7972 Email: christianstudies@csuniv.edu

ChurchandGospel.com exists to help South Carolina churches to live out the gospel for Jesus’ glory. As a ministry of Charleston Southern University’s College of Christian Studies, we reflect our indebtedness to our Savior and His many churches by helping those who love Jesus to think and to live biblically. The site’s content includes blogs, audio podcasts and event-related information in three broad categories: Life in the Church, Life in the Scriptures, and Life in the World.

Learn more at churchandgospel.com.

Charleston Southern University’s Center for Church Renewal within the College of Christian Studies exists to promote the spiritual renewal of the church. The Center offers an annual conference, quarterly Bible training opportunities and preaching and teaching from the College of Christian Studies faculty. Our vision is to be used of God in the spiritual renewal of the church in and beyond the Charleston region. View our upcoming events to engage in what the Center has to offer! For any preaching and teaching requests, please email christianstudies@csuniv.edu or call 843-863-7972.

It’s more than a building that houses the College of Christian Studies, it’s a center that builds Christian men and women to lead in business, government, education, media, arts and entertainment, churches and families from a biblical worldview. The center equips Christian leaders to integrate their faith into every area of life and culture. Learn more