Your Future in Chaplaincy Ministry

A Bachelor of Arts in chaplaincy ministry will help you be able to care for people better. This program, offering both a major and a minor for interested students, is a journey of learning how to minister to people in your life, church and community with practical tools and confidence. You will learn how to allow God to work in your life as you serve people in difficult situations.

The “Introduction to Crisis Ministry” class is the “What Do I Do When?” course. You will learn what you do when someone is not acting like themselves, or you need to make a hospital visit, or go minister to a person in jail or prison, or respond to a natural disaster, or support a police officer who asks you to assist in delivering tragic news, or caring for a military family in your community. You will be able to apply what you learn in your chaplaincy and Christian studies courses to develop your hands-on ministry skills founded on God’s Word for the equipping of your Church.

Graduating with a BA in chaplaincy ministry will prepare you for serving as a chaplain or in any area of applied ministry in your church and community. Currently there are 3,800 North American Mission Board endorsed chaplains serving in 63 types of paid and voluntary chaplaincy ministries. This is a very large number of chaplains, but it is only a fraction of the estimated 50,000 chaplains actively serving across the United States. As you pray to seek the Lord’s leadership in your life about this degree, contact us for more information. We would love to be on this journey with you!

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Ron Harvell

Ron Harvell

Director of the Dewey Center for Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy Ministry

It's a calling

This degree balances the traditional Christian studies core (biblical and theological studies) with practical Christian ministry training. The major requires an internship in chaplaincy and can be at a military base, with first responders, at a hospital, etc.

As a Chaplaincy Ministry major, you’ll take courses like…

  • Introduction to Crisis Ministry
  • Christian Counseling
  • Chaplaincy: Foundations for Ministry
  • Biblical Teaching and Preaching
  • Christian Discipleship

Graduates are equipped for a variety of career paths.

  • Community chaplain (first responders, frontline crisis care, disaster relief)
  • College or sports chaplain
  • Crisis care for a local church
  • Bridge to Master of Divinity
  • International and North American missions
Professor Dr Peter Beck giving a sermon at a pulpit in a church.

College of Christian Studies

All of our regular faculty have earned PhDs in their specialties and teach all of our students face-to-face, developing real relationships between faculty and students. Each Christian studies faculty member affirms 1) the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, 2) the Chicago Statement on Inerrancy, and 3) The Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

The entrance to the Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership at Charleston Southern University.
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Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership

The facility includes classrooms and conference space, including the Drew Conference Center, which accommodates 200, and faculty offices for the College of Christian Studies and College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Named for W. Floyd and Shirley Whitfield.

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