Gary Metts Headshot

Gary Metts

Assistant Dean of College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Director of the Criminal Justice Graduate Program
Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership

The Master of Science in criminal justice program at Charleston Southern University prepares professionals for advancement in the areas of law enforcement, courts and corrections.

We are here to help you through your journey by fostering your dedication to studies and academic success. Students will be provided with an engaging learning environment and the tools necessary for fostering relationships with peers, faculty, staff and employers.

Three officers, two male and one female, from different departments posing for a photo.

Admissions Process

Step 1 : Review Application Requirements

The following requirements must be met to be eligible to apply for the program:

  • Online Application
  • Resume
  • Official transcripts from ALL institutions where undergraduate or graduate courses have been taken.

No single criterion will be decisive. Each item will be considered in relation to the applicant’s total qualifications. Although Charleston Southern University has preferred levels for such criteria, each application is evaluated on an individual basis.

Step 2 : Apply

Apply with our online application here.

Step 3 : Acceptance Requirements

Detailed instructions on how to complete the process will be communicated to candidates upon acceptance.