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The Center for Global Leadership and Ministry at Charleston Southern University offers academic credit for high school and college students seeking faith-based learning opportunities. Courses within the Center focus on three key areas: biblical worldview and apologetics, youth culture and ministry, and global leadership strategies.

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With an expanding vision to serve pastors and churches in their gospel and missional impact, CSU affirms the critical importance of re-imagining the proclamation ministry in our increasingly post- Christian culture. Of particular focus is a proclamation that provides, through traditional and non- traditional approaches, a safe environment for attracting new audiences of seekers to explore the faith and a growth path for Christ-followers to live out their calling to “impart not only the gospel but their very life” (1 Thessalonians 2:8-9). 

Earn Credits Through the Center

Students admitted to the Center can take classes in global leadership and ministry from some of the world’s top thought-leaders, speakers, and ministry leaders. All classes taken through the Center will earn a student credit toward their degree!

This course will introduce the student to essential concepts of leadership with particular attention given to spiritual leadership, the role of vision, and importance of considering your dreams. Students will view leadership from multiple perspectives, and they will be encouraged to embrace possibilities and chart a course for the future.  

According to the Leadership Institute, “Personnel is policy.” This course will examine the ideas of foundational leaders who have shaped America in order to study character and the effects of character on leadership. Though historical case studies, students will connect the cause and effect of character and consequences. They will reflect on this by comparing leaders and considering what they hope to experience in their own lives. 

This course will examine the powerful impact of relationship and commitment on the way a leader leads and the results that are achieved. This course emphasizes just two narrow components of leadership: relationship and commitment. Students will consider how each amplifies the other. Through reading and interaction with past leaders in significant historical contexts, students will gain synthetic experience, waking in the shoes of those who have gone before them students will add important dimensions to their own understanding of leadership.  

This course will examine leadership using the shepherd as a metaphor for leadership.  Students will connect their calling to servant leadership though historical examples in both ancient and modern Israel and they will add this dimension to their own life plan for leadership. 

ans to be a successful leader from a biblical perspective. Students will consider important leadership attributes by surveying historic leaders and their distinctive roles in time. Students will revisit their own understanding of leadership and reconstruct their own life plans.

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All applicants will submit at least a high school transcript. Students can email, fax, or mail transcripts to CSU; however, one can also upload to the application page.

CSU is offering a test-flexible option for students with a 3.0 unweighted GPA or better! Instead, provide a personal essay (500-1000 words) and resume (listing achievements, academics, jobs, etc.) under test flexible model. More information here.

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Complete a FAFSA, pay an enrollment deposit, and register for courses in late spring/early summer.

For dual enrollment, there is no financial aid; however, it is only $275 for a 3-credit hour course! Students receive a tuition discount of $125 per course during their freshman year at CSU.

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Jay Strack is an alumnus of Charleston Southern University
CSU's partnership with

Student Leadership University

In 2020, Charleston Southern and Dr. Jay Strack ’75 launched an initiative that marries SLU’s mission with CSU’s faith-based academics—the Center for Global Leadership and Ministry.

After graduating from CSU, Dr. Strack founded Student Leadership University, whose mission is to prepare the next generation to think, dream and lead through a challenging series of leadership training processes that equip students to have a renaissance mind, the heart of a patriot, the soul of a saint, the discipline of a champion and the influence of a leader. They accomplish this through leadership adventures developed to provide students with primary source experiences and access and exposure to world class thought leaders. Read Dr. Strack’s biography here.

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Darin Gerdes

Darin Gerdes, PhD

Coordinator of the Jay Strack Center for Global Leadership and Ministry

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Walter Brigman

Director of Strack Center and Denominational Relations