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CSU Campus News


CSU unveils new bachelor degree in Cybersecurity

11/18/16 - Charleston Southern University has announced it will offer a new Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity starting next fall. Read More >

Video: Kimber Gist shares her story

11/18/16 - She was shot eight times -- and survived, endured five surgeries and never missed a single assignment. CSU student and Berkeley County sheriff officer Kimber Gist shared her griping, inspiring story with the campus and community on Thursday. Read More >

CSU receives $2.25 million Title 3 Grant

11/18/16 - The United States Department of Education has notified Charleston Southern that the university has been selected to receive funding for a Title 3 project. Read More >

Christmas, War & Peace

11/16/16 - In December of 1914, German soldiers found themselves buried in muddy trenches hardly a hundred yards from their British counterparts. World War I was barely four months old and something very unwarlike took place along the Western Front. On Christmas Eve, an unplanned and unsanctioned period of peace swept across that war zone. Read More >

CSU First Look this Saturday

11/16/16 - Charleston Southern University appeared on Lowcountry Live on Monday to talk about this Saturday's First Look open house. Read More >

Discipleship Makes a Difference

11/15/16 - The dictionary describes a disciple as a learner or a pupil. A biblical definition of a disciple is someone who follows the teachings of Jesus. Read More >

Buc News: 11.14.2016

11/14/16 - Check out the highlights from last weekend's Miss CSU contest and the Bucs Big South Conference win over Liberty in this week's student-led Buc News. Plus, the latest campus news and events. Read More >

CSU on mission with Operation Christmas Child

11/09/16 - How do the contents of a shoebox express God's love? CSU students received a real understanding of that concept at today's Chapel service, hosted by a team from Operation Christmas Child. Read More >

Kimber Gist to share her story at CSU

11/09/16 - Berkeley County Sheriff corporal Kimber Gist will share her story for the first time on Thursday, November 17 at the Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership on the campus of Charleston Southern University. Read More >

Dew delivers modern-day Dream speech

11/08/16 - Martin Luther King Jr. would have been 84 years old Tuesday. With the 50th anniversary of Kings I Have a Dream speech just days away, Charleston Southern University invited Jeremiah Dew back to campus Wednesday to pay tribute to the fallen civil rights leader. Read More >