Sophomore Checklist

This is the year you will nail down your major and design your unique pathway to graduation and beyond.

  • Engage the Major: Start taking courses which count toward your major; take prerequisites for required upper-level courses; confirm or change major – in MyCSU.
  • Meet with your Advisor: What are your other paths? What about minors? Where else do you need to develop? How will you complete your two Experimental Learning Requirement credits? This is the year to consider these questions.
  • Locate and use study locations on campus.
  • Explore Study Abroad: Contact the Center for Global Education.
  • Join clubs and organizations that align with your major/minor.
  • Seek leadership roles in campus organizations and departments and begin to help shape the campus community.
  • Orientation: Serve as a Crew Member.
  • Co-lead a small group.
  • Chapel: Join the Student Service Team or Chapel Worship Team.
  • Campus Worship: Join Student Family Time and participate in service opportunities, the Discipleship Team, or the Prayer Team.
  • Life on Mission: Serve during Fall break, Christmas break, Spring break, and Summer through opportunities like camps, internships, GenSend (North American Mission Board), International Mission Board, Elevate Worship, retreats, revivals, and more!
  • Explore biblical leadership through Henry Blackaby’s Spiritual Leadership.
  • Create or update your LinkedIn Profile, and update your resume on the BucCareer Network.
  • Discuss internship opportunities and eligibility.
  • Explore career paths.
  • Get involved with Spiritual Life opportunities.
  • Learn about Academic Support Services: Rivers Library, Learning Center, Writing Center, Math Help Center.
  • Attend Major Mixers and get to know your new professors and classmates.

Year 2 Accomplishments

By now you have:

Determined a major and designed a pathway to graduation.

Accepted leadership roles.


Second year down. You are halfway to your bachelor’s degree! Others are noticing your confidence and your growth as a student and a leader. Keep up the good work, Buccaneer!


CSU students in the stands of the football stadium cheering with Buccaneers shirts and Go Bucs signs.

Sports, worship, theatre, concerts, intramurals, homecoming… there’s plenty to keep your calendar full. Show up and show out at any of our campus events!