Physical Therapy Program

Health Science Building, PT Wing
9200 University Blvd., Charleston, SC 29406

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program will begin accepting applications in July 2021, with the first cohort of 48 students set to begin in May 2022. The full-time program is 125 credit hours and students will complete the DPT in 2 ½ years (31 months). In addition to the traditional classroom experience, students must complete three 10-week full-time clinical experiences – which include inpatient, outpatient, and student choice. Students are also required to participate in multiple service-learning projects.

Students are assigned a faculty advisor as soon as they begin the program. Time has been worked into the academic schedule each week for advising, which may be done in a group setting or in a one-on-one setting depending on the agenda for the week. 

We recognize that not all students learn in the same way, and we have developed a curriculum structure to include lecture, small group, problem-based learning, high-fidelity simulation and practical hands-on training.


Year One

SemesterCourse #Course NameCredit Hours
SummerDPTE 785Gross Anatomy4
DPTE 710Foundational Concepts of the PT Profession3
DPTE 701Functional Anatomy3
FallDPTE 702Biomechanics3
DPTE 725Pharmacology & Physiology3
DPTE 715Neuroscience4
DPTE 701Research I: Foundations of Clinical Research3
DPTE 735Examination Skills for PTs3
SpringDPTE 716Motor Control, Learning & Planning2
DPTE 740Growth & Development2
DPTE 730Health Promotions & Human Performance4
DPTE 801Orthopedic PT I4
DPTE 815Neurorehab Across the Lifespan I4
DPTE 720Patient Care I3

Total Year One Hours: 45

Year Two

SemesterCourse #Course NameCredit Hours
SummerDPTE 875Differential Diagnosis I2
DPTE 830Therapeutic Interventions3
DPTE 845Biophysical Agents3
DPTE 855Geriatrics3
DPTE 860Disabilities Management2
FallDPTE 901Orthopedic PT II5
DPTE 830Therapeutic Neurorehab Across the Lifespan II5
DPTE 870Service Learning2
DPTE 805Research II: Research Techniques3
HCMT 621Navigating the Healthcare System3
SpringDPTE 905Research III: Dissemination of Research3
DPTE 975Differential Diagnosis II3
DPTE 865Cardiopulmonary PT4
DPTE 890Pain Mechanisms and Management2
DPTE 820Patient Care II3
Electives (students select 1)
DPTE 880Advanced Concepts in Spine and Manual Therapy3
HCMT 625Health Care Project Management3

Total Year Two Hours: 49

Year Three

SemesterCourse #Course NameCredit Hours
SummerDPTE 950Clinical Experience in PT I10
DPTE 951Clinical Experience in PT II10
FallDPTE 952Clinical Experience in PT III10
DPTE 995Diakonia: Commission for Service1

Total Year Three Hours: 31

Total Curriculum Hours: 125