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Ott Fellowship enhances faculty research at CSU

By Travis Boyd | February 2, 2022
Dr. Edward Gravely, professor of Christian studies, teaching in the classroom. Photo by Richard Esposito

Professors within the College of Christian Studies have participated in a fellowship the last few years that has enhanced faculty research beyond the scope of a normal classroom setting. The Ott Fellowship was generated by a donation from Gene and Freda Ott to Charleston Southern University. The fellowship supports a professor over a three-year term to focus less on professing (teaching) and more on Christian research. The initial donation remains in a trust while the interest generated from the donation goes to fund the research led by the fellowship chair.

Peter Beck
Dr. Peter Beck. Photo by Richard Esposito

The first professor to serve as the fellowship chair was Dr. Peter Beck, a professor of Christian studies and chair of the Honors Program at Charleston Southern. Serving as chair during the COVID-19 pandemic, Beck endured many challenges as mission trips were canceled and forums were not held for safety reasons. Beck did find a way to still get the most out of his time. “While COVID-19 had a negative impact on my time serving on the chair, it allowed me to focus on literature and adding to the campus library—inventory of materials related to Christian studies,” said Beck. 

Taking his place as chair is Dr. Edward Gravely, professor of Christian studies. Gravely said he is excited to be serving in this position and is looking forward to growing the Christian academic experience at CSU. He has plans to visit the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. sometime during his term. Gravely plans to write an introduction to his book for the purpose of enhancing understanding and knowledge on the Bible courses offered at CSU. 

CSU students will all benefit from the Ott Fellowship endowment as guest speakers will be brought in to discuss various issues affecting Christians and encourage them in their faith. Literature, missions, and forums are going to give the Charleston Southern community ways to enhance their growth and strengthen their faith as they receive an education with a Christian worldview. 

William Travis Boyd is a graduate student within the College of Adult & Professional Studies and is a brand ambassador for the Office of Marketing & Communication.

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