Registering for classes

Students are required to be enrolled and registered for classes prior to the first day. Check the academic calendar for registration dates, deadlines and priority classification. 

Most current students can register ONLINE at MyCSU during registration dates. You must have a current CSU ID and a pin number to register. If you do not know your ID or PIN, you may obtain them online through MyCSU. Be aware that all students must complete the online Registration Agreement before any registration can occur. Log into your MyCSU account and click on Academics to complete this. Furthermore, all undergraduate students, except for those majoring in CAPS online majors, must contact their advisors for clearance prior to registering. Your registration period is determined by your classification. CAPS online majors will have their courses approved by their advisor after they register online.

Students who may not use MyCSU to register include freshmen, students in the Bridge program, students on academic probation and students with a hold blocking registration. If you are in one of these categories, please contact your advisor for assistance in registering.

Dropping or Adding Classes

  • To officially add a course, you should log into your MyCSU account. Click on Academics and select Course Search. Add courses by placing a check in the box of the course and click on add courses at the bottom.
  • To officially drop a course, click on Academics, then click on add/drop courses, then place a check in the box of the course and click drop selected courses at the bottom.
  • For students taking traditional courses, if you cannot use MyCSU to drop or add yourself, you will need to take a completed Drop/Add form to your advisor. Once approved by your advisor, turn the form into the Registrar’s Office for processing. During the summer if your advisor is unavailable, email the Registrar’s Office at to complete your request. You must use your Bucmail account for this correspondence.
  • For students taking online courses, if you cannot use MyCSU to drop or add yourself, please email your advisor for assistance. If your advisor is unavailable, email the Office of the Registrar at for assistance.
  • You must use your Bucmail account to correspond with any office on campus. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the official last date to register or add/drop classes. If you DO NOT DROP the course(s) by the last date to add/drop classes, you WILL be responsible for all tuition and fees incurred by your registration.

Enrollment Verification

Every month Charleston Southern University provides the National Clearinghouse with proof of enrollment for all students currently enrolled. If your lender needs a deferment form submitted to them, please send the form to to have it processed by our office. If you need proof of enrollment for any other purpose, please email us at for immediate assistance. Please include all the information needed to process your request.

Go to academic policies page for a complete listing of policies.