Academic Policies

The following policies provide the standards students must meet to remain enrolled at Charleston Southern University.

No.Policy Title
A-1 Types of Acceptance and Admissions Standards
A-2Acceptance of Transfer Students
A-3Policy and Requirements for Bridge Students
A-4Bridge Program Admissions Parameters
A-5Students Admitted on Academic Probation
A-7Acceptance of Home-Schooled Applicants
A-8Readmission of Military Service Members
GR-100Procedures for Changing or Appealing Course Final Grades
GR-101Attendance Policy for Graduate Students
R-1Grade Changes
R-2Incomplete Grades, Assignment and Removal
R-3Withdrawal Grades
R-4Satisfactory Academic Progress/ Academic Probation, Suspension & Expulsion
R-5Nontraditional Credit
R-6Graduation Substitution/Waiver
R-7Dean’s List
R-9Graduation Honors-Bachelor’s Degree
R-10Excessive Absences
R-13Academic Load
R-14Student Records/Issuance of Transcripts
R-15Completion of Degree While Attending Another Institution
R-16Rules and Regulations for Challenge Examinations
R-16aRules and Regulations for Standardized Subject Exams
R-17Student Classification Year in School
R-18Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution
R-21Section Numbers
R-23Graduation Requirements & Application
R-24Grading System
R-28Second Baccalaureate Degree
R-29Transcript Bankruptcy
R-30Bachelor of Technology Admissions
R-31Policy on Contract Courses
R-32Transfer Credit
R-33Process for Official Transcripts and Evaluations
R-35Undergraduates Taking Graduate Courses
R-37What Constitutes a Permanent Undergraduate Student File for First-Time Freshmen
R-38What Constitutes a Permanent Undergraduate Student File for Transfer Students
R-39Procedure for Curriculum Changes
R-40Procedure for Addition or Removal of Majors, Emphases or Minors to Undergraduate Curriculum
R-42What Constitutes a Permanent Graduate Student File
R-44Security of Academic Records
R-45Changing and/or Appealing a Final Course Grade
R-47Internship/Practicum Standards
R-48Repeating a Course Standards
R-49Time Limitations on Credit
R-50Acceptance and Placement of Students With Regards to Mathematics
R-51Appeal for Dismissal From a Program
R-53Withdrawal Due to Reserve/National Guard Unit Activation
R-54Honors Program
R-55Recognition of Credit Earned which Satisfies Requirements in both (1) the Major and (2) the Minor or Second Major
R-57Student Representatives: Attendance, Make-up Work, and Registration
R-58Academic Integrity Policy
R-60Academic Honor Society Cords Permitted in Commencement Exercises
R-61Study Abroad
R-62Dismissing a Student from Class or Removing a Student from a Course
R-63Rescheduling a Final Exam
R-64Substantive Change Policy
R-65Enrollment in Online Courses
R-66Transcript Notations
R-67CSU Definition of Credit Hour