Continuing Your Journey in Financial Counseling

The Certificate in Personal Financial Counseling provides professional counselors (i.e., CFPs, chaplains, psychological counselors, pastors, and others) the tools they need to guide them regarding personal finance and the counseling of others. Money management problems can be a root cause of many personal, family, and business problems. Properly trained counselors can lead their clients to resolution of these problems. Training in a biblically based approach to financial priorities and planning for counselors will aid them in improving the lives of their clients. The curriculum is developed at the master level and available for a certificate. The program was created with working professionals in mind offering courses online. Courses are offered year-round, in seven-week terms each semester.

*Total costs will range from $999 for one course to $5,000 for the completed certificate, plus books. 

Charleston Southern University has partnered with the Ron Blue Institute to create a curriculum based on years of research and proven methodologies. The “God Owns It All” approach to financial planning and counseling is the cornerstone for counseling clients in understanding financial wellness from a biblical worldview of heart, health, habits, and hope (RBI, 2017). The courses include:

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Course CodeCourse Name
BUSI 581Foundations of Biblical Wisdom in Personal Finance
BUSI 582Biblical Financial Health, Wisdom, and Stewardship
BUSI 583Investing for Growth and Generosity
BUSI 584Financial Leadership, Discipleship, and Coaching
BUSI 585Capstone in Family Financial Management

All Personal Financial Counseling Certificate students are required to take BUSI 581 first, however, it is not a prerequisite to any other course. After a student has completed BUSI 581, that student may take any of the remaining courses in any order. All courses will be offered online in seven-week courses.

Certificates will be issued at the end of each course. A diploma recognizing the achievement of the certificate will be issued upon successfully completing all five courses.

Your next step to becoming a student at Charleston Southern

Application Requirements

  • Student’s must have a Bachelor’s degree.

Admission Materials

  • Online Application
  • Official Transcripts
  • Resume

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